Um Jammer Lammy

Suffers from immense slowdown and input delay, performs similarly to Parappa the Rapper (before its fix). Difficult to play.

Solution submitted via website

Easily one of my top 10 favorite PS1 games, I’m glad I finally got it working.

Tested in RetroArch with the ReARMed NEON core.

These were my settings:
PSX CPU Clock = 70
Enhanced Resolution = On
Enhanced Resolution Speed Hack = On
Latency > Frame Delay = 3

So far, I have made it to Stage 3 (the song where you put the babies to sleep) without issue.

There are a few graphical glitches, however. Failing a song (or manually ending it by pressing Start) shows a single color background, and the lose cutscene in Stage 1 is missing the “waving/warping” effect when Lammy delivers her line.

Just like PaRappa, please use RetroArch. It is unplayable with the stock emulator.

In Stages 5 and 6, using Enhanced Resolution will see huge slowdowns. (this is probably due to the fact that Stage 5 has lots of trees in the background, while Stage 6 has tons of electricity shooting out of the skulls and ceiling) When you reach these stages, turn the Enhanced Resolution off but keep the rest of the settings on.

Update: 3rd July: Working perfectly on 1.8.5/ Retroboot 1.1 PCSX-ReARMed [NEON]
Um Jammer Lammy on PSClassic

​Um Jammer Lammy ​

Performance Rating

After fix, game seems way more playable than previously reported. 

Run via RetroArch.

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