Road Rash

Performs very well with a few slight glitches here and there (none of which interfere with gameplay). From a submission via the website:

When the game is paused, the sound of the engine buzz continues to play.
The graphics look MUCH better in Enhanced Resolution. However, it causes a slight issue when returning to the menu screens after an FMV, where the screen turns a full green for less than a second.

Game plays at full speed on Standard and Enhanced resolutions, even with the clock speed set to default.

Frame rate is always at a minimum of 30, can increase to 45 in areas. Tested and working in AutoBleem v0.7.1 Ultimate and BleemSync 1.1.

Road Rash PSClassic
  • Frameskip Auto
  • NTSC
  • Enhanced Resolution
  • Enhanced Resolution Speed Hack
  • Default CPU 57% (BleemSync)
  • OTG
  • Threaded SPU
  • BleemSync 1.1
  • AutoBleem 0.7.1

Road Rash

Performance Rating

Runs at 30 FPS with occasional increases up to 45 FPS.

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