Jumping Flash

With default settings the game looks and performs terribly. However, with a few tweaks to the settings we can improve this greatly and make it very playable.

Turning frame skip off raises the frame rate to a much improved 30+ where as with the setting on auto you can be getting drops as low as 10 so this setting is very important to change.

In regards to enhanced resolution, it does cause some hardly noticeable minor glitches to some UI elements but the improvement it makes over standard resolution makes it a worth-while price to pay.

Please see settings below for optimal experience (tested in BleemSync 1.1)

Jumping Flash PSClassic
  • Frameskip
  • NTSC
  • Enhanced Resolution
  • Enhanced Resolution Speed Hack
  • Default CPU 57%
  • OTG
  • Threaded SPU
  • BleemSync 1.1

Jumping Flash

Performance Rating

Not ideal but after changing the settings listed above, the frame rate rarely drops below 30 FPS. Only problem is that frame rate is quite varied. 

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