iS: internal section


iS: internal section has caused a lot of problems for many people trying to get the game working in RetoArch and BleemSync. If you are able to apply the below settings you should be able to play the game without issue on BleemSync and RetroArch 1.7.7+. Please follow the below carefully to get the game working. If you still have problems be sure to hit the ”report game” button on the front page of the website. The version number that works is listed as (Japan) [SLPS-01868][T+Eng1.02_GSHI] which comes with the English patch.

We initially listed the optimal settings without Enhanced resolution and enhanced resolution ‘speed hack’ but after testing it more, it seems that both features work very well. Some slowdown can occur when multiple objects are on screen later in the game. 


iS: internal section PSClassic

 iS: Internal Section 

Performance Rating

Unplayable without changing the CPU to 46 – works like a charm with the right settings on both RetroArch 1.7.7 and BleemSync 1.1 – expect some occasional slowdowns, however.

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