Final Fantasy Chronicles

Final Fantasy IV has some issues with water textures. Reports of problems with crashes in AutoBleem – freezes on screen.

Final Fantasy Chronicles – Chrono Trigger:

Autobleem 0.9 – Crashes at times (totally randomly) but re-loading your save state and going back at the game will fix it.

For example if you took a savestate at a place and it crashed before a battle , you can go back to that save state and do the battle without having it crash the game , so its not that big of a deal.

tested with Autobleem 0.9 , in PBPformat.

Reports also suggest that things work well in Bleemsync 1.1

Info submitted via the website by TAK ModsDavidD, Carlos Nogarolli and Jezzrockzz.

Final Fantasy Chronicles PSClassic
  • NTSC
  • Enhanced Resolution
  • CPU (Default)
  • OTG
  • Threaded SPU
  • AutoBleem 0.8.5

Final Fantasy Chronicles​


Performance Rating

Running Bleemsync 1.1 or above or AutoBleem 1.1 should give you a good experience while playing either of the games. 

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